whole foods tamarac

I worked on the renovation of the Whole Foods Tamarac store in south Denver with Arthouse Design. Following their visual positioning (description below), I designed the environmental graphics and decor for the entire store. 

The Hampden South area was predominantly fruit orchards & dairy farms until the 1970’s. We used floral, organic patterns and eclectic materials in the store redesign to reflect this architecture. Originally a homestead of dairy farmers and fruit groves, the region’s agriculture was thriving until the flood of 1933. As an homage to the agricultural foundations of Hampden South, weathered materials and repurposed farm tools have been used in a modern way to reflect a bright, cheerful farmhouse aesthetic. Included in this influence are clean palette wood designs and rough, antique objects. A region of settlers and pioneers, Hampden South’s influence on the Tamarac store can be most strongly felt in the use of honest, rugged materials, hand-lettering and reclaimed wood, untreated metals and antique objects. By combining these rough-hewn materials in unexpectedly refined combinations, the store’s decor captures the spirit of the west while remaining true to the upscale character of Tamarac. In keeping with the authentically Coloradoan ethos as well as the Whole Foods brand, nature was an integral decor component. Behind the forest of office buildings is the majestic Rocky Mountain backdrop. The peaks and their inhabitants define the region and lend themselves to strong geometric repetition. Rendering this mix of natural influences in a simplified manner lends modernity to the aesthetic while providing the store with a sense
of place.