​MO has been developing the brand for Washoe Dispensary, a new establishment opening in Nevada in 2016. We are currently working on the company’s website, various branding collateral and designing the interior architecture of
the space. 

Washoe Dispensary’s goal is to become the premier retailer of cannabis in the state, providing specific strains to all patients in need of relief. Inspiration for their brand was taken from apothecary collateral, natural health care companies and organic brands because Washoe Dispensary is very much about pure, organic, herb-based medicine. The logo was modernized with a bright color, interesting typography and minimalist aesthetic. It will be easily made into a variety of brand related products, like stickers, stamps and collateral. Per the client’s request, the design speaks to natural alternative medical options, safe practices, legal and tested products, pure and reliable relief. The brand is recognizable, memorable, and simple and boasts the company’s core values: Trust, Reliability, Quality, Safe, Legal products. The brand is also driving the design of the interior architecture so that the company’s identity is holistically realized. The space will be a casual but professional establishment that focuses on quality products, knowledgeable partners and as the group cares deeply about their local community, will host monthly events.