Lisa Moses

Founder and Principal, Lisa Moses, is a Designer, Artist and Educator based out of Denver, Colorado. She believes design is a practice of liberation.


For me, integrating multidisciplinary theory and practice in my work is what makes possible deep, progressive engagement. As a Designer, Artist and Teacher, I explore this ethos across a variety of disciplines. 

My work is transdisciplinary in nature. I recognize the interdependence of art, design, theory, history, technology and use these elements as parts of an integrated practice in the development of my projects. I like to delve into issues concerning the structure of built form and the consequences of formal composition, tectonic and spatial manipulation. This approach to design makes possible a profound apprehension of space.

Biomimicry is a key aspect in my work, a way I seek out new ways that design can tie in with positive change. When put to practice, this ideology can connect people to the visceral aspects of their surroundings and begin to solve complex human problems. This, along with experimenting with graphics, material and structure, informs my expression of the confluence of art, design and architecture. I believe we are built to experience our immediate world in a holistic manner, and through my work, I aspire to cultivate a cross-disciplinary conversation.